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participates in the Inter-Company Games
Several FCC employees from Barcelona
and Valencia participated last May and
June in the Inter-Company paddle games
which had very good results.
From their inception, the Inter-Company
games aim to be something similar to a
Corporate Solidarity Olympic Games, open
to all organizations and where solidarity is
one of the key values of this event.
At each edition of these games, projects
identifed by the organization are assessed.
Some of the subjects are preselected and
submitted to obtain the opinion of partici-
pating companies which later play an ac-
tive role in determining and distributing the
donations received for the specifc project.
Thirteen pairs of players, FCC emplo-
yees, participated with two of these teams
among the 10 runner-ups:
8th place: Jordi Gibert Cortés – Jaime
Gutiérrez Sole
10th place: Alejandro Viera Reoyo – En-
rique Heras Usariaga
Although fewer two-man teams from Valen-
cia participated, nine pairs, they achieved
excellent results
1st place: Daniel Cano Alcaraz – Sergio
Ivars Vallés
2nd place: Antonio Ortín Aldeguer – Vi-
cente Crespo Escrich
4th place: Vicente Corts Ferrer – Mar-
cos Iglesias Roger
5th place: Javier Ruiperez Alonso –
José Romero Sánchez
6th place: José Antonio Martín Casado
– Miguel Ángel Ayala Utiel
8th place: Javier González Gabarda –
David Rubio Escribano
10th place: Sergio Antón Moreno –
Juan Ramón Gómez-Ferre Herrán
In the forthcoming games to be organized
at the end of September in Madrid, 38 FCC
teams will be participating.