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The World Association for Waterborne Transport lnfrastructure taps FCC Construcción’s

Manager of Innovation and Technology to chair MarCom

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of the e-book

The General Assembly of PIANC (the World Association for Waterborne Transport In-frastructure, which concerns itself with technical developments concerning ports and coasts) met on 17 May last in the city of Berlin to appoint the association’s new offcers for the next four years.

Francisco Esteban Lefer, manager of Inno-vation and Technology at FCC Construc-ción, was named chairman of MarCom, the association commission responsible for marine ports.

This appointment means Francisco Este-ban will be sitting on the PIANC Executi-ve Commission and Council. PIANC is an international association with a history of more than 126 years of promoting develo-pment in the design, construction, impro-

vement, upkeep and operation of inland waterways, ports and coastal areas.

His candidacy was proposed last January by the Spanish section of the association, ATPC, whose frst delegate is the president of Puertos del Estado, the Spanish autho-rity in charge of port management policy.

With this international acknowledgement, FCC demonstrates once more its com-mitment to innovation and development thanks to its highly qualifed staff.

Rebecca García Ivarez, one of the collea-gues at the Valladolid offce of FCC Cons-trucción was the winner of the e-book that FCC raffed among FCC employees who contributed ideas for creating a manual for civic behavior.

So far, 110 employees have contributed with more than 180 ideas that can serve as the basis for the manual to be developed on FCC Civic Conduct Manual.

Last February, FCC launched an initiative t create a manual for civic behavior, good conduct, and citizen practices which was to be created by company employees in or-der to recover and promote conducts that facilitate civil coexistence in our surroun-dings.

We want to remind you that you can conti-nue contributing your ideas either by email

to or in the wiki environment or the Citizen Conduct Manual website at http://fccnet/sites/crc/ mcc/blogcc/default.aspx.

The goal is for the manual to generate changes in our attitudes within and outsi-de the company and we are certain that all your contributions will help us to create a valuable document of citizen conducts that will contribute to having a better city, be more friendly and polite with those around us and, in short, to build a social and en-vironmental surroundings that is healthier and sustainable

Page 10 - FCC-N7_eng

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