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“Rambla Digital” , the frst outdoor urban digital advertising network in Spain

CEMUSA has installed

the frst eleven newspaper kiosks with LED technology screens

in the Ramblas of Barcelona. The kiosks, with digital screens, are

at the vanguard of the new advertising


Barcelona City Council is behind the plan to renew the image of all news kiosks along the pedestrian Las Ramblas in Barcelona, expanding the number of products which can be sold and developing the inclusion of new public interest services related to information technology, with the aim of improving citizen information and service facilities, for example by means of Internet access points, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi trans-mitters, etc.

The improvements covered include upda-ting the advertising platforms of the kiosks and ftting them with the latest features of the outdoor advertising market, such as di-gital screens.

A total of eleven news kiosks have been remodeled, and each of them has been ft-ted with a LED screen measuring 4.6 me-ters wide by 1.5 meters high (nearly seven square meters) along with a LED screen on

Inauguration of the

La Caleta desalination plant in Adeje (Tenerife).

Aqualia, through its subsidiary Entemanser, and the Adeje City Council, inaugurated the new La Caleta desalination plant that will guarantee the quality of water supply to the residents in this city in Tenerife.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fra-ga and by Félix Parra, director of Aqualia’s central zone. The participants toured the plant guided by Francisco Urquijo of Aqualia Infrasestructuras, who explained to the visi-tors how the desalination plant functions. The mayor said that the “infrastructure would cover 40% of Adeje’s current water

demand, guaranteeing supply and diminis-hing dependence on other supply sources”. He then thanked “the effort s of the cons-truction company which would be mana-ging the plant over the coming years. Félix Parra highlighted that “from the perspective of the design of the installations, the princi-ple of the minimal energy consumption had been applied.

The plant has four treatment lines and will initially produce 10,000 m3/d with the pos-sibility of doubling this capacity. It incor-porates the most advanced environmental and energy savings technologies, and its

top of the structure measuring 38 cm high by 13.9 meters long, around the entire peri-meter of the kiosk.

See link:

design and construction are environmen-tally friendly being the only one of its kind in Spain that is completely underground. It features an energy recovery system that is able to recover 60% of the energy used that is subsequently reintroduced in the system.

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